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Asian Pacific Liver Center


 Asian Pacific Liver Center - St. Vincent Medical Center

Help for Hepatitis

The Asian Pacific Liver Center offers a wide range of services related to hepatitis and other diseases and conditions of the liver. All of our services are provided in a confidential, culturally sensitive environment with a multilingual staff of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.

If you are referred to us by your primary care physician, we will work closely with him or her to coordinate your testing or treatment. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed about your health status and your options for any follow-up care you may require.


community discussion

Community Outreach & Education

The Asian Pacific Liver Center partners with community groups—including churches, community centers and other organizations—to raise awareness about the importance of hepatitis testing and treatment. We offer our community partners:

  • Presentations by our physicians
  • Educational materials
  • On-site testing at health fairs and other events
  • Multilingual staff and culturally sensitive care
  • Social services and financial counseling

Our hepatitis experts are available and eager to talk with community groups and to conduct screening events. The results of these screenings are held in strictest confidentially and are communicated directly to the patient and/or his or her referring physician.

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Diagnostic Liver Imaging

If your physician suspects that you may have developed liver disease, we offer a full range of imaging services that can help us diagnose your condition, including ultrasound, CT, MRI and interventional radiology. We also perform biliary endoscopy, in which we examine the bile ducts in the liver using a small instrument fitted with a miniature video camera.

Medical & Surgical Intervention

liver surgery

No matter what type of liver disease you have, we offer treatment options. The approach will depend on a number of factors, such as what type of liver disease you have, your general health, your age and gender, and how far your disease has progressed at the time it is diagnosed.

For liver cancer treatment, we may recommend a medical solution, such as intra-arterial chemoinfusion (chemotherapy), radiofrequency ablation (using radio waves to destroy cancer cells) or cryoablation (using extreme cold to destroy cancer cells). Alternatively, we may suggest a surgical option for treatment, including liver transplantation.

Chronic Disease Management

chronic disease

If you are diagnosed with liver disease (hepatitis B or C, alcoholic hepatitis, etc.), we can help you manage the disease with regular blood tests, imaging and medical check-ups, as well as other services that will keep you in optimum health and help you avoid the complications of liver disease.

Social Services/Financial Counseling


We know that the effects of liver disease can be more than physical—extending into the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of life. Therefore, we offer social service assistance to help you connect with the additional services you and your family may need to cope with and manage your chronic hepatitis B or other liver-related disease. We also reach out to family members and friends who may be infected with hepatitis B.

In addition, our financial counselors will help you work through the often-challenging financial issues that may come with any significant illness.

Clinical Research Programs


As a patient at the Asian Pacific Liver Center, you may have the opportunity to participate in clinical research programs to find new ways to diagnose, treat and manage chronic hepatitis B and C, as well as liver cancer. If you are interested in participating in a research trial, we can help you make the necessary connections.

Get Tested

Be smart. Get tested for Hepatitis. Call the Asian Pacific Liver Center at (888) 236-APLC [ 2752 ] or email us.

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The Asian Pacific Liver Center Spectrum of Care

Hepatitis B

  • Education
  • Vaccination
  • Antiviral therapy for chrononically infected individuals
  • Disease management

Hepatitis C

  • Education
  • Antiviral therapy for chronically infected individuals
  • Disease management


  • Management of complications
  • Monitoring and screening for liver cancer
  • Liver transplant support services

Liver Cancer

  • Monitoring and screening for liver cancer
  • Diagnosis (imaging and pathology)
  • Therapy (surgery, transplantation, chemotherapy, radiofrequency/cryoablation therapies)